19 Jun / 2018

New Deck in Marcy, NY

Great weather, even better decks!

All of us at Poly Enterprises are getting into the swing of the season, and couldn’t be more excited to hit the road and help great people across Central New York with creating their perfect home for the summer season. There’s nothing better than sitting outside, sipping on some delicious lemonade, and getting the most out of the outdoors from the comfort of your own home. We recently made our way out to Marcy, NY and completed a raised deck on a home for a lucky family. These folks are going to be able to enjoy good weather, grilling, and a warm summer breeze from their brand new deck bringing versatility to their property as well as a rise in the value of their home.

Choosing the right deck for your home.

There are three main types of decking materials used for exterior structures. They can be capped composite, vinyl, or a treated wood (native or tropical). For a long-lasting, low maintenance deck, going the composite or vinyl decking is the way to go. For the homeowner looking to save money on a new deck that they don’t mind having to spend a bit more time on maintaining, treated wood could really work for them. We’ve got a plethora of colors, styles of board and railings, and materials to bring you a long list of possibilities for that perfect deck. We’ve also got accent lighting and a ton of skirting and fascia options to flesh out the level of customization available to you.

Get a quote!

If you are looking for a new deck, fence, railing, pergola, or gateway we’ve got the expertise to bring you the best for the best price. Give us a call at (315) 843-4049 or get a free online quote today and get the ball rolling on improving your property and taking advantage of everything the summer offers. We’re proud to serve the CNY areas of Utica, Rome, New Hartford, Clinton, Whitesboro, Vernon, Oneida, Canastota, Chittenango, Cazenovia, and Hamilton just to name a few!



We’re back on the move, making our way across Central New York to bring the best fences, porches, and pergolas to the finest folks in this great country. Last month, we were in the village of Cooperstown and completed a beautiful new 4 rail, 5-foot Hemlock Horse Fence with mesh, complete with three gates. No matter what you’re looking to add to your property for utility and/or beauty, we’ve got your back! We’ve got a 5-star rating and we stand behind every project that we complete.

We can do it all!

Poly can install just about anything that you’re looking for. Vinyl, aluminum, cedar, treated, untreated, metal—whatever you need, we can get it up for you quickly and with the care and attention to detail to make sure it’s the best-looking fence in your town! We have lattice tops, convex, concave, or flat. We have New England caps, gothic, even flat. We’ve got every color, every material, and we can put everything up to perfectly compliment your landscaping and the overall topography of your lawn or field.

Give us a call!

You can check things out right here on our website, we like to document a lot of what we do so you can see the beautiful projects that we’ve worked on over the years. Give us a call at our office (315) 843-4049 and we can get to work! We can’t wait to hear from you.


The time has come. It’s no longer an unpredictable tundra landscape outside… probably. The sun’s out, the birds are chirping, love is in the air, and you’ve got a ton of stuff to do around the house to ensure the best summer ever. One of those things is getting railings, fences, and decks up so you can have those summer barbecues and pool parties. But, you don’t want to do all the work yourself. Let the experts at Poly Enterprises help you out.

Recently, we were in both Utica and Herkimer helping finish some home improvement projects for another elated customer. They were in need of some railings for their pool and their porch and we were pleased to bring them the best railings in the game and get them installed in a snap! For many of the folks who work with us, it’s not only about getting the best possible solution to their specific needs, but also getting it done fast and conveniently for their schedule.

If you’re looking for exceptional workmanship and a guarantee of services, you can count on us here at Poly Enterprises to go above and beyond to bring you the best. When we come in you can make sure your summer is full of fun and not full of work. Give us a call and we can get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

25 Apr / 2018

2018 Season Underway!

The 2018 season is off and running! The snow (fingers crossed) is gone, the sun has made a few guest appearances in the sky, and people all across Central New York are making improvements to their properties. That’s where we come in, Poly Enterprises are back on the beat and we were recently in Rome, NY installing two vinyl pergola arbors for another one of our valued customers.

Great Arbors

Arbors are always a great addition to any landscaping project and can add a ton to a walkway or sidewalk through creating an open air entranceway breaking up the space between your front and backyard. They are understated structures that add that bit of flare to your property to bring it from average to excellent—making the outdoors feel like home, and holding your backyard together a bit better for those summer barbecues and pool parties.

Get the Best Vinyl Products Around

Our vinyl products will stand the test of time without requiring a ton of maintenance along the line. We not only use the highest quality materials, but we make sure that everything we put on your property is put there perfectly. Our people are experts at quick and excellent installation, and we make sure to leave your lawn looking better than when we arrived. We also install and sell vinyl mailboxes and planter boxes, so if you’re in the market to improve your home’s curb appeal we’re the ones to turn to!

Give us a call at (315)843-4049 and we can schedule an estimate.

The Poly Enterprises team was in Marcy, NY for another fantastic customer who was looking to add new decking on the back side of their home. They wanted something that would look great and add to their backyard, overlooking the pool and connecting the mudroom to the outside world. The beautiful landscape around their home is something that they wanted to take advantage of, and with the new decking, they can do just that. We worked together on the best plan possible to design the best solution for their needs. After some planning and daydreaming, we came to rest on a Veka composite decking solution. We built two custom exterior decks in a warm gray color with post cap lighting and stair riser lights. The deck ended up looking great with their home and landscaping, and will be something to enjoy in the summer for sure!

But Wait, There’s More!

Along with the decking, they were looking for a fence around the pool area. We installed a 54-inch pool code aluminum fence for them, keeping the area a bit safer if there are children around as well as keeping in line with New York State Pool Regulations. They chose to go with the popular Regis Aluminum Series 4230 fence in a deep satin black color. The Fence had three 4-foot wide gates, a 5-foot wide gate, and a 6-foot high vinyl privacy fence placed in an area of the yard that makes it perfect for hiding the pool equipment.

This was a whole backyard makeover. This family didn’t just get a new deck and some fencing around their pool. They got the lighting on the deck, they got the multiple sized gates and the privacy area for pool equipment, and they got railings for their paver patio area. Along with having chosen the Veka decking, we installed brand-new Potenza Vinyl Railing with a drink rail and satin aluminum spindles, with steps that lead down to their patio area as a finishing touch. The main upper deck area adds a touch of extra beauty to the home’s exterior along with a wonderful open area that makes for a perfect place for them to sit and have a morning coffee, or entertain family and friends for a backyard BBQ.

We Love Working With You.

All of us here at Poly Enterprises love working with people all across Central New York to bring their deck, fence, and railing dreams into reality. We take our jobs very seriously, and our installation crews are expert level professionals that pay attention to every last detail of the job. If you are planning on upgrading or installing your deck, fence, rails, or anything in between—Give us a call at 315-843-4049, and go HERE to get a free online quote. We can’t wait to work with you!

The unseasonably warm weather at the end of 2017 allowed us to travel around Central New York and get even more decks and fences in before the snow falls. As we all know in the fall, regardless of the weather, “winter is coming.” We took advantage of a beautiful day in October by traveling to Sherrill, NY and working with some amazing customers on a new fence for their property. After going through their options, and looking at what they already had in their home and landscaping, they went with a red cedar picket fence along their property line. The choice to go with the red cedar was made not only because it looks great but because of its resilience as well. The wood used in these picket fences in resistant to insects, warping, and rot. The natural beauty of the cedar is hands down one of the most gorgeous woods—warm and textured to perfection in the patterning. A double 12-inch gate was installed for ease f access for small equipment to get in and out of the yard.

Red Cedar Wood is Mighty Good

When we work with you on your fencing projects, there are many options in terms of materials that we can build you the best product possible that will last as long as needed, meet the demands required of it, and look great all the while. Red Cedar is a wood that has a unique beauty to it, as mentioned before, with its versatility and durability. The wood grain is decidedly crisp, with rich tonal properties that can create beautiful fences, decks, and gateways. The wood is resin free, which means it works great wit ha wide range of finishes without strange effects or distortions in the application and drying process. It also looks great au naturale—the warmth of tone and crisp grain give you the flexibility to do what you really want to do to have something that matches or adds to your property/landscape already.

We Work With YOU!

The best part about doing what we do is working with folks like you to build great property solutions. We help you upgrade your property value, look, and functionality! If you’re looking to add to or preserve your property, give us a call and the experts here at Poly Enterprises will work with you to meet and exceed any needs you might have. You can also go online HERE and get a free quote. Poly Enterprises is very proud to serve the Central New York region including Utica, Rome, and the surrounding areas of Herkimer, Cazenovia, Westmoreland, Oneida, Trenton, and Boonville just to name a few.

The Poly Enterprises team was in Utica, New York working on a fantastic new deck for another valued customer. In the end, everyone in the Poly Enterprises family is very happy with the way the project came out, and we know the customer is too! When we discussed the project with the customer the project called for something that looked great and would be able to withstand whatever weather is thrown at it from day to day over a long lifespan. We landed on installing Trex decking in the Transcend color with curved steps for both the lower and upper deck, aluminum railing with drink rail, riser lighting, and post cap lighting.

A Great Looking Deck!

The end result of our collective work and planning is a beautiful deck, that adds to the overall look of the home and property with its warm wood grain patterning and dark railing. The wood panels used in the deck meet at crossbeams that give the entire deck a truly amazing aesthetic like the veins of a leaf or a feather coming off the home. The lighting along the riders and post caps provide both an aesthetic and utilitarian addition to the property and will be of great use to the homeowner.

Why Trex Composite Decking?

The Trex decking used is the worlds #1 decking brand and the inventor of wood-alternative composite decking. Trex Composite Decking has an outstanding 25-year limited residential warranty, so you know that not only are all parties involved very confident in their quality but you can also rest assured that if there is an issue with your new deck it won’t cost you. Trex is made from 95% recycled wood, which is great for our environment! The durability and maintenance free component of this decking has made it the ideal choice for these Central New York homeowners as well as countless others.

We Love Working With You!

We at Poly Enterprises always strive to provide quality workmanship while keeping our customers our number one priority. When we get a call from you, our goal is to give you the best solution to whatever your needs may be using the best materials available for the best prices in the area.

If you are looking for a new deck or railing, give us a call at 315-843-4049 and we will work together to create the best deck, railing, fending, or anything in between. Our folks are top-notch professionals, looking forward to coming to you and bringing their expertise with them. Get a FREE QUOTE online now and get the ball rolling!

The Poly Enterprises Crew has been very busy over the past year. Fences have gone up all over Central New York installing fences, decks, railings, and gates up for a whole lot of amazing people. From right down the street to hours away, we made our way across the region to help improve the properties of friends and neighbors across the state. One of these fine folks that we worked with was a customer in Frankfort, NY. Privacy Fence and Picket alike, we travel across the state to bring you the best!

We worked with them on a fence project; they were looking to put up a fence to enclose their backyard. When they went over their many options as to what kind of fence to put on their property and the look and feel of it, they landed on a mixed answer. They went with a white 6-foot high Fulton Privacy fence along with a 58-inch Herkimer Straight Picket fence running along their property. This option gives them the privacy that they are looking for in one area of their yard while providing the open view from and of other portions of their property. For easy access to the yard for the property owner, we installed one double 8-foot gate along with a 4-foot gate.

Our Team of Experts

Our teams of experts work with you to meet all of your security and privacy needs. When we come to your property, we not only have the best installation experts in the area but the best equipment as well. When we install gates in your fence, they come complete with stainless steel hardware and latches. They will never rust or corrode, and the functionality will remain at a high level for the life of the fence itself. When you get a product installed on your property by us you can rest easy knowing there will be no unnecessary maintenance or repair efforts in store.

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If you need a new fence for your property, call Poly Enterprises for your vinyl fencing needs at (315) 843-4049 or get a free online quote today. Poly Enterprises serves the Central New York areas of Utica, Rome, New Hartford, Clinton, Whitesboro, Vernon, Oneida, Canastota, Chittenango, Cazenovia and Hamilton just to name a few!

We are very proud of the job we completed for another valued customer in Herkimer, NY. The end result is a new deck, adding to the aesthetic of the home with the deep greys of the deck contrasting the clean whites of the railings and home siding. The customer chose to go with the best of the best, going with the Trex composite decking in Island Mist along with white vinyl railing for both the front and the back of the home. The Island Mist is a bright, clean white the reflects sunlight beautifully and makes the white of the home pop.

Trex Composite Decking

Trex Composite Decking is the world’s #1 decking brand. The wood-alternative composite used in Trex decking is both strong and beautiful. It stands up to the harsh extremes of Central New York weather without fading. Along with the decking being affordable and dependable, you get a 25-year limited residential warranty when we install a Trex deck on your property. The decks are made of 95% recycled wood, which is great for the environment and adds makes sitting outside and enjoying the weather a bit more rewarding. The durability and maintenance free component of this decking has made it the ideal choice for these and many more CNY homeowners.

Poly Enterprises offers not only Trex, but also DuraLifeAZEK, and VEKA to fill all our customers’ composite decking needs. From design to finished product, our team will work with you to provide the best possible decking and railing system possible. Check out our many decking projects we have completed over the years in our Decking Photo Gallery.

We always strive to provide quality workmanship while keeping our customers our number one priority. Poly Enterprises wants to thank our current and past customers for your confidence in us and we look forward to serving you again in the future!

Get a Free Quote Online or Call Poly Enterprises at 315-843-4049

Looking to upgrade your property? Secure a swimming pool or add decking to your home? Talk to the experts at Poly Enterprises for all your needs at (315) 843-4049 or fill out our online free quote form. Poly Enterprises is proud to serve the Central New York region including Utica, Rome and the surrounding areas of Herkimer, Cazenovia, Westmoreland, Oneida, Trenton and Boonville just to name a few.

The Poly Enterprises team made their way out to Herkimer, NY to install a privacy fence for another one of our awesome customers! They were looking for a fence to provide some secluded rest and relaxation around their beautiful in-ground pool. They chose to go with the popular 6 foot high Fulton Privacy Fence, and out of our broad selection of colors they went with a warm tan. Along the edges of the privacy fence, they had a 4-foot and 6-foot gate installed to provide two easy access points.

When we work with you to get a perfect safety or aesthetic solution installed on your property, we work with you to make sure the color and design of the fence or deck match your existing structures. The privacy fence that we installed provides the family with a kind of extension of their home that provides them with just enough privacy when swimming or soaking up some rays.

Fence Installation and Warranty

The Poly Enterprises team uses state of the art technology and expertise to ensure the installation goes smoothly and you don’t have to worry about there being inconsistencies in the quality of the job that can lead to decay over time. The high-quality vinyl in this privacy fence along with the quality guarantee that we provide makes it a sure thing that it will look as great 10 years from now as it will 10 days from now. We want to know that when we put our hearts and souls into a job, the customer will be happy with it well into the future. Once the fence was installed we completed the project by installing custom gates with stainless steel hardware. The vinyl fencing turned out beautifully and our customer was thrilled with the result. Poly Enterprises always stands behind the quality of our vinyl fencing, offering a lifetime warranty on all of our vinyl fencing material.

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If you need a new fence for your property, call Poly Enterprises for your vinyl fencing needs at (315) 843-4049 or get a free online quote today. Poly Enterprises serves the Central New York areas of Utica, Rome, New Hartford, Clinton, Whitesboro, Vernon, Oneida, Canastota, Chittenango, Cazenovia and Hamilton just to name a few!

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