Installation FAQs

Is a building permit required to install a fence?

Generally a building permit is required unless an existing fence is being replaced.


What type of drilling equipment do you install fence posts with?

We usually use a mechanical auger, which is attached to a small landscaping machine; this allows us to navigate in confined spaces. The machine is equipped with rubber tracks, enabling us to provide clean, tidy installs. Where needed, if we are working next to underground utilities or close to a building or landscaping area, we will dig the holes for the posts by hand.


How deep do you drill the holes to allow for the posts to set in the ground?

We drill the holes for the posts to a depth of 32 to 36 inches.


Are the fence posts set in concrete?

We set all our fence posts in concrete.

How much damage is done to the lawn during the installation process?

During the installation process, our small machines may leave some minimal marks on the lawn, although most of these will grow out within a couple weeks. Our policy is to leave every jobsite with the customer completely satisfied with the end result. We will always go above and beyond to provide screened topsoil and grass seed to correct any type of damage that does take place to the lawn during the installation process.

What type of stiffener is used in the gates posts of our vinyl fence to support the weight of the gate?

We use heavy-duty aluminum stiffeners in all our gate posts which give them adequate support to hold the weight of the gate.


Does your company call the utility companies to locate their underground lines?

Yes, we always have all the utilities mark the locations of their underground lines. We do require the home owner to make us aware of the location of any private underground lines.


How will any slope or grade be handled with the fence installation?

We customize each fence to be pitched to whatever angle is needed. So the rails are pitched, but the pickets or privacy panels are plumb, or vertical.

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