Ornamental Aluminum FAQs

What’s the warranty on our aluminum fence?

Our aluminum fence comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the material and the material’s finish.

How are the aluminum fence sections held together?

Our aluminum fence systems are all routed and held together using a hidden fastening system. This gives the fence a cleaner look, as opposed to other fence systems, which use exposed fasteners.

What lengths do the aluminum fence sections come in?

The residential fence sections come in 6 ft sections, and the commercial and industrial sections come in 8ft sections.

Are there different levels or grades of aluminum fencing?

We offer residential, commercial, and industrial aluminum fence. For some applications the residential grade is sufficient, but sometimes we recommend going with the commercial grade in residential settings, because it looks better because of the larger posts, rails, and pickets, and it is a more robust product.

What type of paint or coating is on the aluminum?

Our aluminum fence is finished with a powder-coated application. It comes standard with an AAMA 2604-5 compliant coating and for a 25% upcharge can be upgraded to AAMA 2605-05 compliant coating. Other companies will say they use AAMA 2604 coating, but DSI is the only company that through a stringent coating process and a specially formulated powder, can be verified AAMA compliant! And we have the data to prove it.   The process is completely automated so as to keep a clean and controlled environment, to allow for the  highest quality finish on the market!. Ask for a Powder Coating Technical DATA Sheet.

What colors of aluminum fence are available?

There are many colors available with black, bronze, evergreen, white, and gold being some of the commonly installed colors.


Are there different textures available?

Our aluminum fencing has two textures available: smooth and textured.

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