Preparing Your Fence For Spring & Summer

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Vinyl Fence in Spring

Winters in Central New York can be especially challenging, this past winter has been no exception. The cold and blustery conditions keep most of us indoors until things finally thaw out. Wind, rain, snow and ice can cause all kinds of issues with your outdoor living space. In other words, winter can be kind of a bummer when it comes to making a mess on your property!
First things first, inspect your fence for any signs of damage. Look for any chipping, peeling, damaged boards or posts, damaged latches or anything other issues you may find. This way you can make a list of anything that needs to be taken care of.
Once your inspection is done, it’s a pretty good idea to clean your fence of any dirt and debris that may have accumulated over the winter months. For vinyl, and aluminum fencing a mild detergent and warm water should suffice to clean up your fence, just make sure to rinse the soap off after you’re finished, for more information check out our blog post.
It’s also a good idea to prune back any limbs or vegetation that may be getting too close since tree limbs can break off and potentially damage the fence. Vegetation may also grow around the fence and potentially weaken it structurally so keeping that in check is also a good idea to preserve the longevity and integrity of the fence.
Take care of your fence and they will last longer and look better! Remember to call Poly Enterprise at 315-843-4049 today if you have any questions or request a quote. We serve the Central New York Region including Utica, Rome, New Hartford, Clinton, Whitesboro, Vernon, Oneida, Canastota, Chittenango, Cazenovia, Frankfort, Ilion, Mohawk, Little Falls and Hamilton areas.