Poly Enterprises offers a wide range of solutions to enclose your dumpsters, garbage cans, and recycling containers enabling you to keep your business looking great while meeting local building codes. Poly Enterprises has serviced schools, hotels, apartment complexes, and many other retail businesses with their commercial fencing enclosure needs.

Whether it’s a vinylchain link, or wood fence enclosure, we can help you plan and implement an installation that will be both attractive and functional while at the same time meeting your budget. Most local codes require any large commercial dumpsters located at any type of commercial establishment to be enclosed. This is to keep the area neat and maintained as well as to keep wild animals from accessing the dumpsters.

Poly Enterprises will design the right enclosure to make sure the gate openings will allow the commercial garbage trucks easy access to your dumpsters. Poly Enterprises also offers replacement or repair services to existing dumpster enclosures.

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Hotel Surrounds

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Learn more about warranty information on our Vinyl FAQ and Aluminum FAQ pages. Looking for design ideas? Then head over to our photo gallery for inspiration! If you’re ready for pool fencing we offer pressure-free sales assistance and free quotes. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!