Poly Enterprises Limited Warranty

Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood and Chain link Labor Warranty:

Labor Warranty:  Poly Enterprises warranties that our workmanship and installation of our fences will not fail under normal use in upstate NY weather conditions for 5-years from the date of installation.  This includes excessive post movement and failure of rails and pickets within fence sections. This does not include gate installation and any lighting installed within the fence structure. The warranty of the gate itself is warranted by the gate manufacturer. Note: Gate installation and operability of gate is warranted for 1 year from the date of installation. This does not include seasonal adjustments and maintenance to the gate that may required to allow for the smooth closing and opening of the gate. Gates within a pool fence will require yearly tensioning to ensure self-closing.

Warranty does not cover:

  • Acts of God such as storm, wind, or hail damage. (hurricane/tornadoes)
  • Damage caused by humans and or animals such as driving a car into the fence or a deer trying to break through the fence.
  • Damage caused by not properly maintaining the fence and gate system. Example: gate is not adjusted and gate catch does not function to secure gate in the closed and locked position and gate is damaged by opening and closing with the wind.
  • Not maintaining adequate water drainage to prevent standing water within the area of the fence     causing excessive heaving in the winter.
  • Does not cover fences installed in areas backfilled within the last 5 years. Example: around inground pools.

Material Warranty:

Vinyl and Aluminum Fence and Railing Material: All of Poly Enterprises vinyl fencing material is covered by the manufacturers limited lifetime warranty. See Manufacturer’s warranty.

Chain Link: Warrantied by the manufacturers limited 15-year warranty.

Wood Fencing: Wood fencing is a natural product prone to warp, split, and move, so there is no warranty.

Note: Poly enterprises does not provide any warranty to our labor or material when installing material provided by the customer.