Will adding a fence increase the value of a home in New Hartford?

The effect installing a fence on your property has on the overall value of your home depends on the quality of the fence, the size of your property, and the trends in the neighborhood of your home. There are several factors to consider when putting up a fence in the town of New Hartford, each of which changes the fluctuation in value you’ll see if and when a fence is installed. If a large percentage of homes in your neighborhood have fences and your home does not, you may notice that your home will not have as high a value as the homes that do. It is important to take note of the fencing styles that are most popular in your neighborhood as well, in order to raise the value of your home it’s important to install fencing that is at least as high in quality as the fencing on surrounding properties. Some New Hartford fencing projects we have done can be seen on our blog page. In our blog, you should be able to get an idea of what type of work we can do and you can compare our fencing styles to what your neighborhood already features. For example, if most people have custom made northern white cedar fences you’re not going to increase the value of your home by slapping in a basic chain length fence or rustic horse fence. Having low-quality fencing in comparison to the properties around you could be an eye-sore and even lower the value of your property.

Besides property value, why is it important to install a fence in New Hartford?

One benefit of installing a fence on your property is to provide the property with some privacy. If you have a pool or enjoy the occasional backyard BBQ when the sun is shining in the summer, chances are you’re going to want some level of privacy.

A fence will provide security as well. Strangers will be kept off of your property (strange people and animals). You need not worry about your pet being sprayed by a skunk in your backyard or running off when you’ve got a good fence. Also, as we mentioned pools previously, it is important for your property to have a fence around the pool due to regulations in New York State that require one be installed for the safety of yourself and others.

Should I fence in my New Hartford home?

The bottom line is that fences have more value than we can even begin to write about. The main thing to consider when putting a fence up is to be sure it is a high-quality install, done right and backed by warranties and other things that will protect you as a buyer and give your fence the long lasting life it deserves. Poly Enterprises has installed numerous fences in New Hartford and if you are looking to add one to your property just give us a call, or simply get a free quote right now, it’s that easy.

About New Hartford, NY

The Town of New Hartford, NY was established in 1788 when Col. Jedediah Sanger arrived here in search of greater opportunity and adventure. He selected the village of New Hartford to settle in due to its excellent farm land, water supply and proximity to other established settlements. Sanger purchased 1,000 acres of land at 50cents per acre on credit from George Washington and George Clinton. Today the Town of New Hartford, located to the south of the city of Utica, is considered it’s largest suburb and contains the hamlets of Chadwicks and Washington Mills as well as the village of New Hartford and part of the village of New York Mills.

Directions To Poly Enterprises from New Hartford, NY

From New Hartford travel north on Genesee Street, turn right onto NY route 5s, drive approximately 3.6 miles take the Dyke Road exit toward West Schuyler. Turn left onto Dyke Road, then an immediate right onto Dyke Road Spur. Next turn left onto Old Route 5s/Southside Road. Poly Enterprises will be located on your left at 3337 Southside Road, Frankfort, NY.

Some Examples of Vinyl Fencing Work in New Hartford, NY

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New Privacy Fence In New Hartford

Privacy FencePoly Enterprises was back in New Hartford, NY to install a new vinyl privacy fence. Our customer decided to go with our popular 6ft high vinyl Fulton privacy fence. We were able to layout the fence to create a nice curve with the driveway, and worked around the landscaping to integrate the fence. Read More

New Fulton Vinyl Privacy Fence In New Hartford

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In-ground Pool Fence in New Hartford

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