Chain Link Fence Installed in Yorkville, NY


Commercial Galvanized Chain Link Yorkville, NY

A customer at Meyda Lighting was looking to install new fencing on their property to secure expensive and important equipment. The Yorkville, NY customer needed a safety fence to go around a new tank for their laser-cutting machine next to the building. The Poly Enterprise crew was on hand to help them with their security needs and installed a 6-foot high, 9 gauge galvanized chain link fence with a sliding gate for easy access, and vehicle bollards for safety.

Galvanized Chain Link Safety

When you are looking to secure your property or land using chain link fencing, the materials that are used in your fence are what dictate their effectiveness as a barrier and/or safety enclosure. The gauge of the wire, size of mesh, and type of protective coating all influence the quality of fencing and their best usage. The gauge of the wire is the most important fact; it helps inform you how much steel is actually in the fabric. The smaller the gauge number the more steel, the higher the quality, and the stronger the wire. 9 gauge steel is perfect for commercial fencing. It is strong and versatile enough to keep your property safe without cumbersome weight or inflexibility.

Why Use Chain Link Fencing?

Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable fencing options on the market. With it, you can keep your property secure without spending a ton of money. The experts at Poly Enterprises make sure the installation process is fast, easy, and extremely sound when we install your chain link fencing solutions. The only more secure form of barrier is often solid slabs of steel—for many the visibility issues inherent with a barrier like that is out of the question, making chain link the only real good option.

Work with us for your security needs!

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