Exterior Deck Build In Whitesboro

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Poly Enterprises took a trip back to Trails Crossing in Whitesboro, NY to build a custom exterior deck. This original project was made for installing a popular Fulton vinyl privacy fence with clay tongue and groove panels, and a concave picket accents. The homeowner wanted a fence that would wrap the large yard. This would give them plenty of space for family gathers, for children to play, or for the dog to run outside.
Going with our popular composite decking and railing, we were able to give them a premium product which will last for many years to come. The deck was designed to provide optimum space while still maintaining functionality and sleek aesthetics.
We installed 12 inch diameter concrete footers down to 4 ft below grade, and went with 2 X 10 joist to provide a heavy duty frame. Using hidden fasteners, we installed a hardwood blend composite decking which came out great, looking much like tropical teak wood. We completed the base skirting of the deck with decking installed vertically, which came out great.
Our customer was very happy with the install, and as always the neighborhood was happy to have Poly Enterprises back in their Whitesboro community!