Privacy Fence and Gateway Installation in Frankfort, NY

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Privacy Fence and Gateway Installation in Frankfort, NY

The Poly Enterprises Crew has been very busy over the past year. Fences have gone up all over Central New York installing fences, decks, railings, and gates up for a whole lot of amazing people. From right down the street to hours away, we made our way across the region to help improve the properties of friends and neighbors across the state. One of these fine folks that we worked with was a customer in Frankfort, NY. Privacy Fence and Picket alike, we travel across the state to bring you the best!
We worked with them on a fence project; they were looking to put up a fence to enclose their backyard. When they went over their many options as to what kind of fence to put on their property and the look and feel of it, they landed on a mixed answer. They went with a white 6-foot high Fulton Privacy fence along with a 58-inch Herkimer Straight Picket fence running along their property. This option gives them the privacy that they are looking for in one area of their yard while providing the open view from and of other portions of their property. For easy access to the yard for the property owner, we installed one double 8-foot gate along with a 4-foot gate.

Our Team of Experts

Our teams of experts work with you to meet all of your security and privacy needs. When we come to your property, we not only have the best installation experts in the area but the best equipment as well. When we install gates in your fence, they come complete with stainless steel hardware and latches. They will never rust or corrode, and the functionality will remain at a high level for the life of the fence itself. When you get a product installed on your property by us you can rest easy knowing there will be no unnecessary maintenance or repair efforts in store.

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If you need a new fence for your property, call Poly Enterprises for your vinyl fencing needs at (315) 843-4049 or get a free online quote today. Poly Enterprises serves the Central New York areas of Utica, Rome, New Hartford, Clinton, Whitesboro, Vernon, Oneida, Canastota, Chittenango, Cazenovia and Hamilton just to name a few!