Red Cedar Picket Fence in Sherrill, NY

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Red Cedar Picket Fence and Gates Sherrill, NY

The unseasonably warm weather at the end of 2017 allowed us to travel around Central New York and get even more decks and fences in before the snow falls. As we all know in the fall, regardless of the weather, “winter is coming.” We took advantage of a beautiful day in October by traveling to Sherrill, NY and working with some amazing customers on a new fence for their property. After going through their options, and looking at what they already had in their home and landscaping, they went with a red cedar picket fence along their property line. The choice to go with the red cedar was made not only because it looks great but because of its resilience as well. The wood used in these picket fences in resistant to insects, warping, and rot. The natural beauty of the cedar is hands down one of the most gorgeous woods—warm and textured to perfection in the patterning. A double 12-inch gate was installed for ease f access for small equipment to get in and out of the yard.

Red Cedar Wood is Mighty Good

When we work with you on your fencing projects, there are many options in terms of materials that we can build you the best product possible that will last as long as needed, meet the demands required of it, and look great all the while. Red Cedar is a wood that has a unique beauty to it, as mentioned before, with its versatility and durability. The wood grain is decidedly crisp, with rich tonal properties that can create beautiful fences, decks, and gateways. The wood is resin free, which means it works great wit ha wide range of finishes without strange effects or distortions in the application and drying process. It also looks great au naturale—the warmth of tone and crisp grain give you the flexibility to do what you really want to do to have something that matches or adds to your property/landscape already.

We Work With YOU!

The best part about doing what we do is working with folks like you to build great property solutions. We help you upgrade your property value, look, and functionality! If you’re looking to add to or preserve your property, give us a call and the experts here at Poly Enterprises will work with you to meet and exceed any needs you might have. You can also go online HERE and get a free quote. Poly Enterprises is very proud to serve the Central New York region including Utica, Rome, and the surrounding areas of Herkimer, Cazenovia, Westmoreland, Oneida, Trenton, and Boonville just to name a few.