Two New Fences in Cooperstown, NY


cooperstown new fencing

The Poly Enterprise team traveled to scenic Cooperstown, NY to install some brand new fencing for two separate customers. Both customers came to us with their specific needs and we worked with them to make sure they got the best solution for their property. When you work with us we run through a checklist with you and make sure you are getting the right kind of fence, the right material, a color that matches well with the rest of your property, and the perfect plan for how the fence is going to go on your property.

Unique Solutions To Any Problem

The first customer that we worked with while in Cooperstown had a yard with lush, beautiful greenery and wanted a fence that would accentuate the natural beauty of the plant life while providing a dependable enclosure that will look as great years from now as it did on day one. The customer chose a 48-inch custom made lattice fence in dark green, the deep green of the handmade lattice playing well off the green of the plant life.
The second customer that we teamed up with wanted a fence in their backyard. When they planned out what it would look like and the kind of fence that we would be putting on their property for them they decided on a 3-foot high, white vinyl Herkimer Picket fence with gothic post caps. We made sure to allow for easy flow from one area of the backyard to the next by installing 3 entry gates as well. The white of the fence is our highly resilient vinyl so as to assure they will still be standing and matching the white of the windows for years to come.

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There’s nothing we love more than working with you to build a perfect fence, railing, deck, or anything your heart desires. You can get a FREE online quote from us or reach out by calling 315-843-4049. Let’s get the ball rolling on your perfect yard, deck, or business landscape.