Vinyl Fence Install in Utica, NY

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New Fence Installation

Poly Enterprises was back in Utica, NY installing another of our popular vinyl fences. We were called in to replace an old dilapidated split rail fence which was falling down due to rot and decay. To avoid rot in this type of fence it is important to have a few reminders on your side.

  • Prevent Poor Drainage – Inspect the fence line during rainstorms and locate any areas where water collects around the fence posts.
  • Dig up the ground around the base of the post to a depth of roughly one foot with a shovel and mattock.
  • Mix quick-setting concrete and sculpt the concrete with a trowel so it slopes down and away from the post
  • Cover up the concrete plug by shoveling in dirt
  • Spray down the fence to remove dust, dirt, leaves and any other solid debris that you do not want trapped underneath the layer of paint or sealant.
  • Coat the rails and posts with a thick coat of water repellent or paint

We secured the sight making sure to have the underground utilities marked in the location of the new fence and removing the old fence. Once this was completed we laid out the area for the new vinyl picket fence taking care to run parallel to the road and locating the double gates in a convenient location. We then were able to bring in our drilling equipment to drill the holes for the fence posts, and set all the posts in concrete making sure everything was straight and contoured to the grade of the land.
The fence was then installed and the gates were hung using stainless steel hardware so as to keep them from corroding. As always the bottom rails of our vinyl fences are strengthened with aluminum stiffeners which keep the sections from sagging. Furthermore, at Poly Enterprises we take pride in cleaning up the jobsite, backfilling all the posts, and removing any excess dirt as need. Once the site was cleaned up we wiped down the fence making sure everything was clean and installed correctly.

Once again the new vinyl picket fence came out great and our customer was very happy with their new fence install.