Vinyl Railing Install Frankfort

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Vinyl Railing Install

Wood Decking Replacment

Our customers in Frankfort, NY wanted to replace their decrepit wood decking and railing with vinyl railing and composite decking. With the environmental weather Central New York offers, wood decking and railing becomes a never ending battle of maintenance. Wood becomes weathered and requires constant power washing and staining. How about those stubborn nails backing out which your guests trip over. All of these worries are a thing of the past with composite decking and vinyl railing.

Vinyl Railing and Decking Installation

Poly Enterprises offers full service vinyl installation. This means we will remove the existing decking and railing and dispose of the waste material. After demolishing the old decking we poured new concrete footers and built a new treated framework to ensure a new stable platform. Proper footing is important as composite decking will last over 15years.
The homeowner chose our popular Newport Vinyl Railing. Installed with aluminum stiffeners, Newport Vinyl Railing is sturdy and durable with minimal maintenance. Our new customers are now worry free with long lasting, durable composite decking and vinyl railing.