Vinyl Pergola Installation

Our most recent customers from Cicero, NY contacted us regarding Vinyl Pergola Installation. Poly Enterprise as always provides free quotes and met with our new customers to see how we could enhance their backyard. After their free consultation we designed a vinyl pergola custom for their application.

With a variety of vinyl options, our customer decided to have us install a white pergola with 8″ square posts and flat rafters. This pergola offers shade and a tranquil feel to their new patio. This vinyl pergola installation went very smooth making their new patio ready for summer. Vinyl pergolas make a perfect area in your backyard to relax, enjoy family, and escape from the blistering sun.

To learn more, visit our vinyl pergola page. Ready for a quote? Contact us for a free consultation!

Porch Construction

We recently visited Schuyler, New York to help our new customer with custom deck and railing construction. Needing an easy transition into the house, we custom designed a ramp which created the perfect solution. To ensure a long lasting product we used DuraLife composite decking and 100% virgin vinyl railing. After the initial planning phase, we created a digital blueprint to help our customer visualize their new decking.

Decking Installation

We began the installation by framing and pouring a concrete footer. To ensure a solid platform we set the footer below the frost line at a depth of four feet. Using premium treated lumber from local Ilion, NY and JK lumber located in New Hartford, we framed the ramp and deck. While constructing the frame we used 6×6 posts and sleeved them with vinyl to produce a sturdy, elegant skeleton. After the frame was complete, we used DuraLife composite decking using a hidden fastening system. Putting the final touches on the decking system we installed vinyl lattice, creating a refined look.

Vinyl Railing Installation

After the DuraLife decking was installed, we followed up with virgin vinyl railing. Our customers loved the maintenance free nature of our vinyl railing and added their own design with Newport top rail. While most are skeptical about the strength of vinyl railing, we use aluminum stiffeners to ensure a solid product.

Water Guard Installation

After completing the composite deck, we were able to install a new roof system. Using ice and water guard on the entire roof we ensured our customers issues with leaking were a thing of the past. Once this was completed we installed premium vinyl soffit to enclose the roof structure and aluminum fascia to cover exposed wood.
The entire project created a revised and enhanced look for our customers home. Preventing leaks, minimizing maintenance, and ensuring years of peace of mind, our customers were extremely happy with the result.

Vinyl Railing Utica, New York

Our latest installation of vinyl railing and composite decking in Utica, New York went great. Our new customer was looking to revive the look of their front porch. The original steel railing was rotting and the existing concrete front steps were deteriorating. This can create a safety hazard and be unsightly. We were able to provide the perfect vinyl and composite solution for our Utica customer.

Railing Installation

Poly Enterprises offers full service vinyl railing and decking installation. This means removal of existing material and a thorough cleanup upon new installation. Our Vinyl Railing installation in Utica, NY started by removing the existing concrete front steps and steel railing. We then installed new step structure with PT CertainTeed composite decking, accompanied by vinyl railing. The project came together great and made for satisfied homeowners who were thrilled by the low maintenance vinyl products.

Wood Decking Replacment

Our customers in Frankfort, NY wanted to replace their decrepit wood decking and railing with vinyl railing and composite decking. With the environmental weather Central New York offers, wood decking and railing becomes a never ending battle of maintenance. Wood becomes weathered and requires constant power washing and staining. How about those stubborn nails backing out which your guests trip over. All of these worries are a thing of the past with composite decking and vinyl railing.

Vinyl Railing and Decking Installation

Poly Enterprises offers full service vinyl installation. This means we will remove the existing decking and railing and dispose of the waste material. After demolishing the old decking we poured new concrete footers and built a new treated framework to ensure a new stable platform. Proper footing is important as composite decking will last over 15years.
The homeowner chose our popular Newport Vinyl Railing. Installed with aluminum stiffeners, Newport Vinyl Railing is sturdy and durable with minimal maintenance. Our new customers are now worry free with long lasting, durable composite decking and vinyl railing.

Harsh Weather Railing Replacment

With the Central New York’s harsh winters there is no surprise steel and cast outdoor railings deteriorate and become unsafe. Our recent customer had an iron steel railing which was rotten. This creates a safety issue. The White Eagle Conference Center needed a remedy for the poor safety structure. Railing replacement is among our vast specialties.

Aluminum Railing Replacement

We replaced the unsafe steel railing with long lasting aluminum railing. We carry Westbury aluminum railing which has become a favorite with our customers. We installed Our very popular Satin black Westbury aluminum, giving the premises a refined look. Our customers were very happy with the railing and are at peace of mind knowing their clients are safe.