If you’re an owner of a pool, you’ve most likely looked in to pool fencing. Poly Enterprises just recently installed a new installation of Pool Fencing in Waterville NY. After assessing the site and deciding on the best possible fence style and height, we went to work installing the fence posts. When installing a fence around an in-ground pool its always important to work with the pool company to determine the location of the pool lines going to the filter and sometimes pool heater so as not to hit the lines with any drilling equipment. It’s also very important to decide on the gate location, width, and number of doors, so as to have proper access once the pool is inclosed by the fence. Its also critical to check your local pool codes to make sure that the pool fence meets your local codes.

After the fence posts were all set in concrete and installed plumb and level in their exact locations and sufficient time was give for the concrete to cure, we were back to install the panels and gates and clean up the site. The installation came out great and our customer was very happy with the installation. We were able to install the fence quickly and efficiently – providing our customer with a great pool fence install. They will enjoy years of life from their new pool fence and as always our vinyl fence comes backed by a lifetime material warranty.


If you’re considering Pool Fencing Waterville NY, look to Poly Enterprises. We offer free quotes and would love to discuss your upcoming projects with you!


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Vinyl Fencing in Rome NY

Welcome, back! Poly Enterprises has competed yet another successful installation of Vinyl Fencing in Rome NY! This time, with our Fulton privacy fences. After assessing the site and determining the best location for the fence to maximize the space and privacy, we went to work installing the fence posts for the fence. As always our fence posts are concreted in the ground creating a long lasting sturdy footer for the posts. Its also very important to have all the underground utilities marked before drilling holes for fence posts. After installing the fence posts making sure every post was perfectly plumb and straight and the height was even with the grade, we were able to come back the following day to install the panels and the gates.

Our gates come complete with stainless steel hardware and latches so they will never rust or corrode. Furthermore, all our stainless steel gate hardware is manufactured in Lancaster County Pennsylvania by the Amish. The fence install came out great and our customer was very happy with the installation. Vinyl fence is a great choice if you don’t want the hassle of staining or painting a wood fence and our vinyl fence material comes complete with a lifetime warranty.
If you’re looking for Vinyl Fencing in Rome NY, give Poly Enterprises a call today! We’d be happy to provide you with a free quote and estimate for Vinyl Fencing or any other information on fencing, decks, railing, or pergolas.


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All of us at Poly Enterprises are looking forward to the coming year and are excited to get back to work doing what we do best installing beautiful fences, decks, pergolas, and arbors. Our spring installation schedule is filling up fast so be sure to contact us to have an estimate done for your fence or decking needs.

Like always, we will be back at the Mohawk Valley’s only local home and garden show which will take place March 20th – 22nd at the Jorgensen Center at Mohawk Valley Community College. We will be displaying vinyl, aluminum, and wood fencing as well as railing and decking. Whether you’re looking for a particular product, or just want to see what we have available – stop by and check us out! You come to the Home and Garden Show to learn about all the different fence products we have to offer, get ideas for you next home improvement project, and see how we can beautify your homes exterior. We would love to talk to you about your upcoming project ideas, and discuss with you the best options to complete them. Did you know we offer free quotes? We do! So don’t forget to stop by the Mohawk Valley Home and Garden Show – March 20th – 22nd and check us out!

We look forward to a great season and give us a call if you have any questions about our products or need to schedule an estimate.

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