Another Great Pool Fence!

We’ve been making our way all around Central New York this 2018 season, and recently made our way to Little Falls for some great new pool fencing. We worked with the homeowners to install a 4.5 foot 4220 Regis aluminum pool fence in satin black. We coupled the aluminum fence with a New York style Semi-Private privacy fence in white with New England post caps. The installation was done over the course of a few days and the whole thing was finalized with an awesome white vinyl railing. It was amazing to see the final product and the satisfaction in the customers. We pride ourself on our workmanship and professionalism and it’s always a rewarding experience to see it all pay off for the fine people of CNY.

Get the Best Vinyl Products Around

Our vinyl products will stand the test of time without requiring a ton of maintenance along the line. We not only use the highest quality materials, but we make sure that everything we put on your property is put there perfectly. Our people are experts at quick and excellent installation, and we make sure to leave your lawn looking better than when we arrived. We also install and sell vinyl mailboxes and planter boxes, so if you’re in the market to improve your home’s curb appeal we’re the ones to turn to!

We Love Working With You.

All of us here at Poly Enterprises love working with people all across Central New York to bring their deck, fence, and railing dreams into reality. We take our jobs very seriously, and our installation crews are expert level professionals that pay attention to every last detail of the job. If you are planning on upgrading or installing your deck, fence, rails, or anything in between—Give us a call at 315-843-4049, and go HERE to get a free online quote. We can’t wait to work with you!


The Poly Enterprises crew has been hard at work since the snow began to melt. Now that it’s in the triple digits, we’re getting down to business putting up fences around pools an backyards so fine folks around Central New York can take advantage of the sunshine and cool off in the water. A little while ago, we were out in Waterville, NY and had the pleasure of installing an exquisite White Herkimer Concave Picket Fence for another valued customer.

We put in the work.

The first thing we had to do was remove part of the old fence in order to prepare for installing post footers at a depth of three feet. When we put your fences in, we make sure to put it in the ground so as to maintain the structural integrity and look regardless of weather or the stress of time. The fence surrounded the back of the home and included a four-foot gate at the entrance of their in-ground pool area, adhering to local property laws. Now that their pool area is secure, the customer has both safety and a pleasing aesthetic that increases the value of their home. The New England post caps accentuate the fence with a traditional American ornateness.

Work with us!

The experts here at Poly Enterprises install fencing all throughout Central New York, so give us a call at (315) 843-4049 for a free estimate. And it’s not just fencing, we install decking, arbors, and pergolas. Our showroom is located at 3329 Southside Road in Frankfort, NY, so come in and see what we have to offer! We’re open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. You can see samples of the materials we use as well as mailbox and picnic tables that can be ordered and shipped right to our site for pickup! We’ve got a 5-star rating and can’t wait to work with you to improve the look and value of your home and property!

The Poly Enterprises team made their way out to Herkimer, NY to install a privacy fence for another one of our awesome customers! They were looking for a fence to provide some secluded rest and relaxation around their beautiful in-ground pool. They chose to go with the popular 6 foot high Fulton Privacy Fence, and out of our broad selection of colors they went with a warm tan. Along the edges of the privacy fence, they had a 4-foot and 6-foot gate installed to provide two easy access points.

When we work with you to get a perfect safety or aesthetic solution installed on your property, we work with you to make sure the color and design of the fence or deck match your existing structures. The privacy fence that we installed provides the family with a kind of extension of their home that provides them with just enough privacy when swimming or soaking up some rays.

Fence Installation and Warranty

The Poly Enterprises team uses state of the art technology and expertise to ensure the installation goes smoothly and you don’t have to worry about there being inconsistencies in the quality of the job that can lead to decay over time. The high-quality vinyl in this privacy fence along with the quality guarantee that we provide makes it a sure thing that it will look as great 10 years from now as it will 10 days from now. We want to know that when we put our hearts and souls into a job, the customer will be happy with it well into the future. Once the fence was installed we completed the project by installing custom gates with stainless steel hardware. The vinyl fencing turned out beautifully and our customer was thrilled with the result. Poly Enterprises always stands behind the quality of our vinyl fencing, offering a lifetime warranty on all of our vinyl fencing material.

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If you need a new fence for your property, call Poly Enterprises for your vinyl fencing needs at (315) 843-4049 or get a free online quote today. Poly Enterprises serves the Central New York areas of Utica, Rome, New Hartford, Clinton, Whitesboro, Vernon, Oneida, Canastota, Chittenango, Cazenovia and Hamilton just to name a few!

The Poly Enterprises team made their way out to Rome, NY to install a fence around a pool at a charming ranch style home. The owners of the home were looking to install a fence around their in-ground pool for both safety and aesthetic reasons. After looking into the breadth of options that we supplied them with, they chose to go with a trendy 55-inch Regis Aluminum Fence in Satin Black. Along with the Aluminum Fence, we installed two 4-foot gates around the edges of their pool.

The Rome family knew the importance of a Pool Fence to provide security and safety while allowing them to enjoy the beautiful view from their backyard. They worked with us to decide the right placement of the gates along the fence to allow the best access to their pool without losing any of the aesthetic qualities of the fence itself. They were looking for a fence that was durable and easy to maintain. The fencing option that they went with provides them with something that will last years without any sign of wear because of the meticulous attention to detail when manufacturing. Aluminum fencing adds lasting beauty to their backyard pool area as well as adherence to New York State Pool Regulations.

Strength of Aluminum Fencing

Choosing to install an aluminum fence around your pool will supply you with the same look of a traditional iron fence without the high cost and constant maintenance. Aluminum fencing is more immune to the damage of wet and extreme weather and allows for a ton of customization through the Poly Enterprises team. We can accommodate a variety of styles and colors so that your new aluminum fence matches your existing property and adds to the value that can be both decorative and secure. Our experts take advantage of the flexibility of Aluminum Fencing to accommodate the terrain. The fence that we install on your property doesn’t need to be painted. Most repairs with aluminum fencing can be done by simply replacing a single picket, whereas similar repairs on iron fences require replacement of entire sections of the fence.

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Looking to upgrade your property? Secure a swimming pool or add decking to your home? Talk to the experts at Poly Enterprises for all your needs at (315) 843-4049 or fill out our online free quote form. Poly Enterprises is proud to serve the Central New York region including Utica, Rome and the surrounding areas of Herkimer, Cazenovia, Westmoreland, Oneida, Trenton and Boonville just to name a few.

Poly Enterprises travels all across Central New York working to meet the needs of every one of our valued customers. We traveled to Lee Center, NY for a customer with an in-ground swimming pool. After speaking with us and going over their options, they chose to install a black aluminum fence around the greater swimming pool area. They went with a 54 inch 4230 Series Regis Aluminum Fence in Satin Black. The fence looks fantastic, contrasting the marble patterned stone and dark surfaced deck on the back of their home. TO complete the look, post cap lighting was installed on 31 of the posts so the beauty of the new backyard can be seen even at night.

When you are building your perfect backyard, it’s a great idea to think about fencing—especially if you are planning on having an in-ground swimming pool. New York State has Pool Regulations which having a fenced in enclosure from Poly Enterprises can help you to adhere to! Our fences come in a number of different materials and colors to suit any home aesthetically and add to the beauty of your property. We love working with people like you to bring their perfect home into reality.

Let’s get things rolling!

Get a free no-hassle quote online today! We install residential and commercial fencing systems that look great for years with virtually no maintenance and have a limited lifetime warranty on top of a two-year warranty on our labor. When you have the Poly Enterprise team installing your fence, you can be certain a lifetime of quality and security ahead. If you are looking to install a fence or any of our many other offerings, get a FREE quote or call us at 315-843-4049 today!

When you have an in-ground swimming pool, it’s important to think about the safety of anyone on your property and keeping animals out of the water. These are things that some people might overlook when thinking about installing a new pool. The most effective way to keep your pool clean and safe is to install a fence surrounding the pool. The Poly Enterprises crew was in Holland Patent, NY for a valued customer looking to install a new aluminum fence on their property.

When you work with us, you have a huge selection of colors and materials to look through. We make sure you will end up with the perfect pairing for the job and your entire landscape. The customer, in this case, went with the very popular Regis Series 4330 in Ninety Bronze color. The color did a great job of complimenting the warm yellow hue of the home as well as the foliage on and around the property. Along with looking great, the aluminum fencing satisfies the New York State Pool Regulations— the property is safe and legal. In the end, the project came out great and the fence gives the whole property a boost in overall appeal.

Work with us!

If you plan to add a swimming pool to your property, give Poly Enterprises a call! We’ve got everything to take care of all your fencing needs and will work with you to make sure we come up with the perfect solution to all of your problems. When you work with the team at Poly Enterprises, you can always expect prompt, professional, friendly, and reliable service. You can get in contact with us at (315) 843-4049 or get a FREE ONLINE QUOTE today! We serve the areas of Utica, Rome, New Hartford, Clinton, Whitesboro, Vernon, Oneida, Canastota, Cazenovia, Hamilton, and all of Central New York!

The Poly Enterprises team was in Ilion, NY working with a customer to install a beautiful chocolate color aluminum security fence around an in-ground swimming pool. The pool fence that we installed tied into their stone and brick pillars. The Customer chose an arch style gate to match the fence style perfectly. Along with adding functional elegance to the enclosure, the added arch styling makes it easier to pick out the entrance to the pool area while securing the space from any unwanted trespassers. All of this further fulfills New York State safety codes.

Pool Fences add safety and beauty to your home landscape

The experts at Poly Enterprise don’t just help you adhere to any New York State safety regulations, they make sure the pool fence that you have installed around your pool is a beautiful addition to your home landscape. Choosing the best kind of fence for your pool doesn’t have to be a pain either, we can help you make the right decision to fill the needs of your family. This customer in Ilion wanted a fence that would connect the stone and brick pillars and add even more class to the already good-looking pool area.

The aluminum used in the security fencing is high-quality materials that will last through the seasons and hold up against rain, snow, sleet, and heavy winds. You don’t have to worry about wear and rust with our fences and will have constant access to the Poly Enterprise crew with any questions or concerns.

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If you need a new fence, gate, and railing for your property, call Poly Enterprises for your fencing needs at (315) 843-4049 or get a FREE ONLINE QUOTE today!


The Poly Enterprises team made their way out to charming Clinton, NY to install a pool fence for another wonderful customer. They were looking to put a fence around their beautiful indoor pool, going with the Regis Aluminum Fence series 4230 in Bronze Fine Texture Color. Two four-foot wide gates were added for easy access in and out of the pool area, and one eight-foot-wide double arched gate was installed to distinguish the main entrance to the pool. For added privacy, we added a section of six-foot-high vinyl privacy fence was installed, the customer decided to go with a tan color—the end product being both functional and beautiful.

Aluminum Fencing is Strong and Beautiful

Regis Aluminum Fencing provides the same look as more traditional iron fencing while eliminating the stress and cost of maintenance. The residential grade system used in this project provides beauty and strength to your property while preserving and increasing value. Since aluminum fencing is light and easy to work with, we can easily accommodate situations where terrain may be sloping and uneven. In the case of this installation, the materials used allowed us to go along with the ebb and flow of the landscape and put entrances in the right spots without issue—sections of fencing can even be specially made to accommodate terrain. Aluminum fencing will never need to be painted and any repair needs that may arise can be managed by simply replacing a single picket instead of an entire section.

Get a Quote For New Fencing!

Poly Enterprises loves working with customers like you to come up with the best fence and deck solutions. We are glad to give you a FREE NO-HASSLE QUOTE promptly and in writing. We can do the research necessary to provide you with all of the options available to you in whatever you might be looking to do. We help you find the fences that provide the best privacy, ease of maintenance, added security, or any unique features you might be looking for.

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Pool Fence Installation in Syracuse, NY

It’s that time of year when Poly Enterprise is busy installing pool fencing all over Central New York! Our Poly Enterprise team was in Syracuse, NY recently installing a pool fence at this charming home. Our customer chose a trendy style of 54 inch Regis Aluminum Fence in Satin Black. We also installed a 4- foot and 5- foot gate, and a vinyl privacy fence to go around the pool equipment.

Are you looking for a Pool Fence?

Choosing the best fence for your pool can be a daunting task, however the experts at Poly Enterprise can help make it easier for you! Our professional staff will assist you in making the right decision to fill your family’s needs, and lifestyle.

At this home in Syracuse, NY it was important for them to have a Pool Fence which provided security, safety, and allowed them to enjoy the view from their back yard. It was also important for them to have the correct locations for their pool gates to accommodate them with the best access. They also wanted their fence to be durable, and easy to maintain. They wanted to add lasting beauty to their backyard pool area. Our customer preferred a view that wasn’t obstructed by their pool equipment, so our professionals suggested a vinyl privacy fence which also ties into the overall appeal of their home.

At Poly Enterprise, we take the time to listen to our customers to give them the best experience in providing them with a pool fence. We have a sturdy reputation of excellent customer service, and even do check backs for complete customer satisfaction.

How do I get a Quote for a New Pool Fence?

We are glad you asked us this question! It is very easy to get a quote for an installation of a pool fence for your home. We will provide you with a FREE NO-HASSLE QUOTE,  that is prompt and in writing. If you haven’t had the time to research your pool fence options, then let us do it for you! Just tell us what is most important to your family when getting a Pool Fence. Do you want privacy, ease of maintenance, added security, or something unique? Our experts will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Give Poly Enterprise a call at 315-843-4049 or get a FREE QUOTE today! Poly Enterprise can also assist you for all your fencing needs!

Syracuse, NY - Pool Privacy Fencing Syracuse, NY - Pool Privacy Fencing Syracuse, NY - Pool Privacy Fencing Syracuse, NY - Pool Privacy Fencing

Whether it’s a white picket fence, a fence for a pool, a cedar wood fence, or chain link fencing, the experts at Poly Enterprises can help. We are specialists in fencing, decking, and arbors with many years of experience! Our 2017 season has begun, and we are already busy installing brand new fencing and decking for our customers.

For one of our valued customers, we recently installed a black aluminum fence around their in-ground swimming pool with a white privacy vinyl fence along the perimeter of their yard. The tall white fencing provides maintenance-free beauty and security for the homeowners near their pool which was very important to them. The black aluminum fencing not only satisfies the New York State Pool Regulations, but it also enhances the beauty of their poolside. Both projects came out beautifully with a huge improvement to the overall appeal of the property.

Cedar Wood Privacy Fence

One of the more popular materials for a privacy fence is Western Red Cedar like the one we installed for this customer. Red Cedar is stunning and durable with its natural resistance to decay and insect infestation. Installing a privacy fence in Western Red Cedar like the one we have for this property will make your home a haven for safety, comfort, and beauty.

White Picket Fence with Arched Garden Arbor

Poly Enterprise loves to combine the look of White Picket Fencing and a Garden Arbor. The completed work is stunning, and provides a dramatic look to any property. While in Sauquoit, NY our customer chose the gorgeous style of our Herkimer Concave 4-feet high white picket fence to run along their property. To add a finishing touch, we also installed an arched 54-inch garden arbor. It’s an amazing combination that adds grace to any property!

For all your fencing, deck, and arbor needs, give the professionals at Poly Enterprise a call at 315-843-4049 or contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE! When you hire the team at Poly Enterprise, you can always expect prompt, professional, friendly, and reliable service.

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