New Pool Fence Installed Around Beautiful Pool in Clinton, NY

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closeup of fencing

The Poly Enterprises team made their way out to charming Clinton, NY to install a pool fence for another wonderful customer. They were looking to put a fence around their beautiful indoor pool, going with the Regis Aluminum Fence series 4230 in Bronze Fine Texture Color. Two four-foot wide gates were added for easy access in and out of the pool area, and one eight-foot-wide double arched gate was installed to distinguish the main entrance to the pool. For added privacy, we added a section of six-foot-high vinyl privacy fence was installed, the customer decided to go with a tan color—the end product being both functional and beautiful.

Aluminum Fencing is Strong and Beautiful

Regis Aluminum Fencing provides the same look as more traditional iron fencing while eliminating the stress and cost of maintenance. The residential grade system used in this project provides beauty and strength to your property while preserving and increasing value. Since aluminum fencing is light and easy to work with, we can easily accommodate situations where terrain may be sloping and uneven. In the case of this installation, the materials used allowed us to go along with the ebb and flow of the landscape and put entrances in the right spots without issue—sections of fencing can even be specially made to accommodate terrain. Aluminum fencing will never need to be painted and any repair needs that may arise can be managed by simply replacing a single picket instead of an entire section.

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