Backyard Fence in New Hartford

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Poly Enterprises was back in New Hartford, NY to help our customer secure their backyard. People prefer to have a backyard fence for many reasons.


Who doesn’t want solitude right in their own backyard? With the warmer weather heading our way a backyard fence is the perfect way to enjoy some privacy in the comfort of your own yard.

For Your Pool

Speaking of the warm weather and privacy, if you have a pool you are nearing that time when you just want to jump in and cool down. Aside from the privacy a backyard fence provides it will also give you the peace of mind that your pool is safely blocked off…it’s also the law.


Keep your pets in and more importantly, others out! A backyard fence is perfect for letting your dog just run loose on your property. Nobody likes walking the dog on a leash around the neighborhood or hooking up runners in the yard that can be an eye sore. A backyard fence can make your best friend a much happier one.
After assessing the site, and determining which backyard fence product and style would best fit their needs. We decided on our premium 6 foot high Fulton Vinyl privacy fence, and our popular 4 foot high Columbia backyard fence.

We replaced an existing wood fence around the hot tub with the vinyl privacy backyard fence, and went with the Columbia backyard fence between the patio and the garage. We also utilized the vinyl privacy fence along the back property line to help secure the yard. We were careful to secure the posts to a depth of 36 inches in concrete, and utilized bottom fence rails with aluminum stiffeners inside to prevent the rails from sagging.
We also installed a double gate complete with stainless steel hardware, and drop rod to allow for easy access. The install came out beautifully, and of course our customers were very happy with the completed backyard fence install, and will enjoy many years of worry free living in a safely fenced in area.