Recently the Poly Enterprises team was in New Hartford, NY at the Tails Crossing Development to install a new beautiful black aluminum security fence around an in-ground swimming pool. Our customer also chose arch style gates that match the fence style perfectly. The added arch styling makes it easy to pick out the entrance and exit to the pool area and secures the space from unwanted trespassers fulfilling New York State Safety codes.

Advantages of Choosing Aluminum Fencing

Choosing to install aluminum fencing is a great way to achieve the same look you get with traditional iron fencing without the high cost and required maintenance. Poly Enterprises can accommodate a variety of styles and colors so that your aluminum fence matches your existing property and adds value that can be both decorative and secure. Since aluminum fencing is light and easy to work with we can easily accommodate situations where the terrain may be sloping and uneven. Sections of the fence are created to accommodate these types of changes in grade and can be adapted easily. Aluminum fencing will never need to be painted and any repairs that may be necessary can be managed easily by replacement of a single picket instead of an entire section like with iron fencing.

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New Hartford Aluminum Pool Fencing New Hartford Aluminum Pool Fencing New Hartford Aluminum Pool Fencing New Hartford Aluminum Pool Fencing

The Poly Enterprises crew returned to New Hartford, NY to install a beautiful new white picket fence. Our customer decided on this classic style to outline the perimeter of their property. The result looks absolutely stunning! The fence helps ramp up the overall look and security of the property using classic lines.

Our white picket fence uses the latest materials along with classic styling that has long defined the American dream, especially when it encloses a flower bed like the one our customer has carefully cultivated. Fencing helps keep wildlife off your property, while ensuring a safe, secure place for children to play throughout the year. The picket fence has been re-invented thanks to the material, trim look, detailing options and low maintenance. There’s no need to re-paint, just a simple wash during the spring or summer season is all that is needed to maintain it.

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New Hartford Vinyl Picket FenceNew Hartford Vinyl Picket Fence New Hartford Vinyl Picket Fence New Hartford Vinyl Picket Fence New Hartford Vinyl Picket Fence

Poly Enterprises was back in New Hartford, NY on Helen Avenue to install new vinyl fencing. Our customer chose to go with the popular 6 foot vinyl privacy fence in a tan color to accent the existing color palette of the home. We also built treated wood decking featuring our popular Newport vinyl railing. We always use quality materials to fulfill our projects to our customer’s complete satisfaction and this project is no exception.

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Vinyl Fencing in New Hartford, NY

Vinyl Fencing in New Hartford, NY

Vinyl Fencing in New Hartford, NY

New Vinyl Fencing, New Hartford, NY

Poly Enterprises was back in New Hartford, NY to install a new vinyl privacy fence. Our customer decided to go with our popular 6ft high vinyl Fulton privacy fence. We were able to layout the fence to create a nice curve with the driveway, and worked around the landscaping to integrate the fence. Our fence posts are all concreted in the ground and we make sure to lay the fence out to meet our customers stringent expectations. Our vinyl fences are made from premium virgin vinyl and come with aluminum channels in the bottom rails to keep them from sagging. The fence came out great, and as always our customer was very happy with their completed fence installation.

Privacy Fence

Side View of Privacy Fence



Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence – Poly Enterprises


Poly Enterprises was back in New Hartford, NY to install our popular vinyl Fulton privacy fence. Our customer was in need of a fence to give their new patio area privacy, so they chose Poly Enterprises to provide them with their fencing needs. We went with our vinyl Fulton privacy fence which comes backed with a lifetime warranty. Most of the fence was 6ft high, but along the back property line where they needed extra privacy we went with our 8 ft high vinyl privacy fence. We also installed a custom gate complete with stainless steel hardware and latch. Our fence posts are all installed in concrete down to a depth of 36 inches. As always, our customer was very happy with our fence installation and will enjoy many years of service and function from their new vinyl privacy fence.


Vinyl Privacy Fence


Vinyl Privacy Fence


Vinyl Privacy Fence


Poly Enterprises was back in New Hartford, NY to help our customer secure a new in-ground pool fence for their recently installed personal lagoon of sorts.

When we do in-ground pool fences we usually use the Fulton Vinyl fence because of the privacy it provides. We decided to utilize our popular 6 foot high vinyl Fulton privacy fence around the perimeter of their property on this project, but also utilized our 4 foot high vinyl Columbia yard fence to divide the yard and to give their children a safe place to play in a separate location from the pool area.

In past articles we have discussed the importance of an in-ground pool fence, mainly because it is New York State law but also because it provides the owner piece of mind knowing everyone is safe and secure from the pool when it’s not being used. An in-ground pool fence is so important when you have children because we all know you can never be too careful when it comes to things like that.

We were able to customize the bottom of the in-ground pool fence to follow the grade of the lawn, while maintaining the height of the fence to give them maximum privacy.

The majority of backyards have varying grade issues that can affect fence installation. While the rises and drops across a yard’s elevation can not always be seen we can easily detect it with a level string line by running along the yard for fence grade comparisons. This helps determine a proper course of action for fence installation based on the severity of a yard’s varied grade.

We installed custom gates complete with stainless steel hinges and latches to provide maximum security and longevity. Our customers were very happy with the finished product and can rest assured that their pool is secured and safe, and will enjoy their low maintenance fence for years to come.

Poly Enterprises was back in New Hartford, NY to help our customer secure their backyard. People prefer to have a backyard fence for many reasons.


Who doesn’t want solitude right in their own backyard? With the warmer weather heading our way a backyard fence is the perfect way to enjoy some privacy in the comfort of your own yard.

For Your Pool

Speaking of the warm weather and privacy, if you have a pool you are nearing that time when you just want to jump in and cool down. Aside from the privacy a backyard fence provides it will also give you the peace of mind that your pool is safely blocked off…it’s also the law.


Keep your pets in and more importantly, others out! A backyard fence is perfect for letting your dog just run loose on your property. Nobody likes walking the dog on a leash around the neighborhood or hooking up runners in the yard that can be an eye sore. A backyard fence can make your best friend a much happier one.

After assessing the site, and determining which backyard fence product and style would best fit their needs. We decided on our premium 6 foot high Fulton Vinyl privacy fence, and our popular 4 foot high Columbia backyard fence.

We replaced an existing wood fence around the hot tub with the vinyl privacy backyard fence, and went with the Columbia backyard fence between the patio and the garage. We also utilized the vinyl privacy fence along the back property line to help secure the yard. We were careful to secure the posts to a depth of 36 inches in concrete, and utilized bottom fence rails with aluminum stiffeners inside to prevent the rails from sagging.

We also installed a double gate complete with stainless steel hardware, and drop rod to allow for easy access. The install came out beautifully, and of course our customers were very happy with the completed backyard fence install, and will enjoy many years of worry free living in a safely fenced in area.

Poly Enterprises was back in the village of New Hartford, NY on Oxford Road installing a new vinyl privacy fence. After removing the existing old bamboo fence we were able to clear out the property line to allow for the new fence to be installed. It is always important to have the underground utilities marked before digging, and to check the property boundaries before having the fence installed. Some towns and municipalities require the fence to be located at a certain distance off of the property line, whiles others allow the fence to be directly on the property line. Permits are also usually required for a new fence so it’s a good idea to check with your local codes department.

Privacy Fencing Reminders To Consider

  • What kinds of permits do I need?
  • How do I apply for a permit to build a fence?
  • Is there any limit on the height of fences?
  • What fees must I pay?
  • At what point should I call for an inspection of my project?
  • Special Neighbor Considerations

After drilling 12 inch diameter holes the fence posts were secured in concrete making sure the line was linear and evenly contoured to the average grade of the land. After giving the concrete ample time to set up we were back to install the fence sections and cleanup the site making sure to remove the excess dirt. As always we use only the highest quality material, with heavy duty rails, fence posts, and tongue and groove paneling and aluminum reinforced bottom rails.

The project came out great and our vinyl privacy fence will provide years of service and helped enhance the beautiful village of New Hartford, NY.

Poly Enterprises took a trip back to New Hartford, NY to help our customer replace an old and deteriorating wood fence. Fences are for privacy and safety, of course, and to keep things instead of allowing anything to get out it is important that you have a safe and secure fence installed.

If you do have a rotting fence and a fence replacement isn’t a current option there are a few options to preserve your fence as well as a couple general tips to help preserve the life of your wooden fence.

  1. Sink your fence post in cement.
  2. Creosote will prevent against insects and also weatherproof your fence post.
  3. Use good wood. There is a difference in pine versus and cedar, for example
  4. Use a metal post instead. Metal won’t rot like a wood post.

Now back to our project. After securing the site, and deciding on the fence layout to maximize space and functionality, we decided to utilize our vinyl Fulton privacy fence with a picket top accent along the front and sides of the property. Along the back property line we went with a 4ft high brown vinyl coated chain link fence which was visually appealing, and yet unobtrusive enough to allow for the enjoyment of the woods and wildlife.

We installed a double 4ft gate in the front to allow for easy access, and went with our popular stainless steel hardware with a white finish. We also installed a nice 4ft service gate in the back complete with a magnetic latch. The fence replacement came out beautifully, and enhanced the property tremendously. Another job well done, and one more happy customer in Central New York.

Poly Enterprises was back in New Hartford, NY to install our popular vinyl Fulton Privacy fence. Vinyl fences have many benefits and are very popular with our customers. They are the ideal choice for homeowners who do not have much time or interest in caring for their fence periodically.

Some other benefits to vinyl fencing include:

You will not have to use wood as a base

  • It will not absorb moisture, and therefore will not rot
  • You will not have to worry about termites

The benefits of a vinyl fence certainly outweigh its disadvantages by far, especially in an area like New Hartford. Since they are available in a variety of colors, it becomes easy to match the fence to the color of your home and to your surroundings. If it is hassle-free fencing you are looking for, then vinyl is certainly the right choice for you.

The fence will last for many years

  • The fence will hold up well in adverse weather conditions
  • Your fence will never need painting; will retain a stable color
  • The material is free of harmful chemicals

The cost of buying a vinyl fence is much cheaper than that of a wood or iron fence, if cost is something of concern. Since there is little to no maintenance required, you will also save the money with savings on the repainting costs as well as costs to be done to keep the fence safe.

We went with our Spindle top accented fence, which accented the house beautifully. We were able install the fence to match the grade, and installed a custom gate, complete with stainless steel hardware and latch.

The fence install turned out excellent, and our customer was very happy with out work and was very pleased with our low maintenance vinyl fence.

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