Cooperstown Regis Aluminum Fence Install

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We were back in Cooperstown, NY securing another in-ground pool installed by Geraty pools of Herkimer, NY. Working with our customer to provide a functional, and beautiful fence product that would stand up to the Central New York Weather, we decided to go with our Regis aluminum fence. The Regis Aluminum Fence will hold up to the various weather conditions.

  • Winter – In Central New York extremes of cold, deep snow and chemicals used to melt ice can damage some types of fence materials but not the Regis Aluminum Fence, it won’t rust or corrode from salt and other chemicals used to melt ice.
  • Wind – The open designs of Regis Aluminum Fencing lets the wind pass  with ease resulting in minimal wind resistance.
  • Heat – Excessive heat and sunlight can quickly fade unpainted wood fences and reduce the strength. A Regis Aluminum Fence will not be damaged from the heat because of the aluminum.
  • Sun – The Regis Aluminum Fence won’t be affected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and will continue to look great for decades to come.

To accent the stamped concrete, we decided to go with a Bronze color, which contrasted well with the pool deck, and the surrounding woods.
As always our aluminum pool fence is powder coated with a durable finish which comes with a great warranty. Further, it utilizes a hidden fastener system, eliminating unsightly rivets or screws which are common on other types of aluminum fences.  Available in many styles and heights, Regis aluminum fence can add beauty and value to you property, and is a great way to secure an in-ground pool.

After installing all the fence posts in concrete, making sure to utilize our laser leveling system to keep all the fence posts at the correct height, we installed the fence sections, customizing them as need to make for a clean install. We installed two arched gates complete with stainless steel hinges and magna latches. Everything turned out great, and our customer was very happy with the install and can now feel safe and secure with another premium aluminum pool fence installed by Poly Enterprises.