Deck Maintenance and Tips

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Deck Care

The end of summer will be here before you know it and it’s time to start thinking about your deck and if it is ready to withstand our crazy Central New York seasonal changes. Most homeowners know they should strip, stain and seal their wood deck every few years to keep it looking good and safe, but did you know that composite or vinyl decking should also be checked up on?
Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your deck safe and new looking.

Check Railings And Banisters

Push on the railings and banisters of your deck to make sure there is no movement and repair if necessary. Ensuring your railings and banisters are sturdy and solid will prevent injury and future expense.

Look For Loose Or Corroded Fasteners

Look for loose nails or screws that can appear as a deck settles or shifts during changes in the ground throughout the seasons. It’s easy to get caught on a loose board or fastener, so keep an eye out for them.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your deck clean can help you spot any issues before they become bigger issues. If you have a wood deck and discover mold, take the time to clean it and apply a waterproof sealant. Be careful what you use to clean, as well. Some harsher chemicals may make the job easier, but they may have a negative effect on your landscaping.

Check For Rot

Old or neglected wood decks will begin to rot and splinter over time. If your deck is showing signs of distress it may be time to consider a replacement deck made of composite or vinyl material. Composite and vinyl materials are less susceptible to rot and decay and requires less maintenance.
Using simple tips can help lengthen the life and beauty of your deck. If it is time to replace or upgrade your current deck, please call Poly Enterprises for your decking needs at (315) 843-4049 or get a free online quote today. Poly Enterprises serves the areas of Utica, Rome, New Hartford, Clinton, Whitesboro, Vernon, Oneida, Canastota, Chittenango, Cazenovia and Hamilton just to name a few!