Decorate your fence for Halloween!

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As Halloween approaches, many people like to join in on the spooky fun by decorating their yard. When adding outdoor décor, don’t forget about your fence! While you have fun sprucing up your fence simply keep in mind not to puncture your fence with screws or tacks and that painting your fence with “Glow in the dark” paint, while spooky can damage and permanently alter your fence!
Add pumpkins: One idea to get your fence in the Halloween spirit is to add pumpkins. You can line up pumpkins around the base of the fence, or even place carved pumpkins on the fence posts (if you do this keep in mind that the pumpkin could stain your fence!).
Create a graveyard: For a spooky look, use your fence to create a graveyard. Add cobwebs around the posts and add fake graves along the inside of the fence.
Make it fun and festive: Your Halloween decorations don’t have to be scary. Consider putting up a cute scarecrow or fun Halloween signs and cute pumpkins along your fence that make your home look welcoming to Trick-or-Treaters.
Just add lights: A fun and easy way to decorate for Halloween are to add lights along your fence. You can get orange lights, or some stores carry lights with pumpkins and other Halloween figures.
Have fun with your fence!