Dog Fence Install in Richfield Springs

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Poly Enterprises was back in Richfield Springs, NY to help secure our customers backyard to give them a secure area for their dogs. Located in the beautiful hills of Central New York, minutes away from Canadarago Lake on picturesque horse farm, we decided to utilize our Herkimer vinyl picket fence which contrasted well with the country feel of the property. Although it was a challenging fence install with the grade changes and custom angles and turns, the finished product came out great.
There are various options you can select from when installing a fence for your pets. A recent trend has been to use an electronic fence. This fence basically creates an “invisible line” around your property. You would then attach a device to your dog that would provide a shock if your pet went beyond the boundaries. These fences have many pros and cons and it really depends on your preference. In the beautiful countryside of Richfield Springs, property and land are a surplus. Plus a fence install looks great and you won’t have to deal with these issues of an electric fence.
Training & Installation: Electric dog fence needs training and installation. Average installation time and dog training time can vary, you might not realize what you are getting yourself in.
Power Source: Dog fence systems require an additional power source, indoors. Electricity creates an additional cost.
Shocking My Dog: This falls back to training your pet and although the shock is minimal some pet owners just don’t like doing this to their animal.

Coming off of the end of the house, it allowed for the dogs to be let directly out to the yard, and also nicely enclosed a new paver patio. Complete with two custom walk through gates, and a double gate to let the large lawn mower through, the install came out great.  Our customers were very happy with the install, and the property was greatly enhanced by the picket style fence.  Further, they will enjoy many years of use from their low maintenance vinyl fence and their dogs will be happy to have secure environment to play in.