Sauquoit Fence Install

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Poly Enterprises was back in Sauquoit, NY to secure another newly installed in-ground pool. After consulting with our customer on the type and style of fence that would meet their needs, we settled on our vinyl Herkimer picket fence, with a concave accent.
The picket fence is a historically popular fence dating back to the colonial era. This type of fence gets the name from its resemblance to the pointed pickets used by infantry in pre-modern times to resist enemy attack. The fence has come a long way since that period but the design remains relatively the same.
The vinyl really helps with the durability especially during those Sauquoit winters. The picket fence is not really something designed for privacy but will help with pools, pets and boundary lines.
We provided a custom 6 ft wide double gate complete with stainless steel self closing hinges, and a magnetic latch to meet pool codes. We pitched the fence with the grade to provide a seamless fence install, and it came out beautifully, going well with the river rock and landscaping surrounding the pool.

Another happy and safe customer, with a fence that will last for years, and keep them safe and secure.