Pergola Canopy Installed in New Hartford, NY

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Pergola Canopy Back

Sometimes you get a chance to make a good thing even better. That’s what we did last week in New Hartford, NY when we installed an outdoor retractable pergola canopy system onto a pergola we built last season.

Pergola Installation

In and earlier post, we detailed the installation of our white vinyl pergola. In this project, we installed the structure on their stone patio to cover the outdoor kitchen. It looked great, tied in the stone counter and seating, and gave some height to the space of the back yard. The homeowners loved the new look, and impressed with the speed of the installation.
Pergola Canopy Back Pergola Canopy Front
Naturally, the pergola became the place for outdoor gatherings, as the mini-bar and seating were placed underneath. The only problem was that with the hot New York sun, the stone patio became quite warm. Some shade would be great!
That’s where we come in. After a quick call from the homeowner, we showed them a variety of canvas styles for our Pergola Canvas Systems. They chose a brown earth tone, which matched well with both the texture of the stone and the muted browns and creams of the house. We came out for the installation, and in a few hours they had the shade they needed, and an ever better looking pergola!

The Benefits of Pergola Canopy Systems

The addition of the pergola canopy can help any homeowner improve their back yard by:

  1. Helping provide shade and protection from the sun
  2. Retractable canvas pieces will adjust to fit changing conditions
  3. Canvas is easy to clean, and resists fading
  4. Beautiful color selections provide visual appeal and style

Are you interested in a Pergola or Arbor for your home? If so, let us know by contacting us, or by filling out a FREE ONLINE QUOTE!