Vinyl Privacy Fence Install in New Hartford

polyentdevVinyl Fencing

Poly Enterprises was back in the village of New Hartford, NY on Oxford Road installing a new vinyl privacy fence. After removing the existing old bamboo fence we were able to clear out the property line to allow for the new fence to be installed. It is always important to have the underground utilities marked before digging, and to check the property boundaries before having the fence installed. Some towns and municipalities require the fence to be located at a certain distance off of the property line, whiles others allow the fence to be directly on the property line. Permits are also usually required for a new fence so it’s a good idea to check with your local codes department.

Privacy Fencing Reminders To Consider

  • What kinds of permits do I need?
  • How do I apply for a permit to build a fence?
  • Is there any limit on the height of fences?
  • What fees must I pay?
  • At what point should I call for an inspection of my project?
  • Special Neighbor Considerations

After drilling 12 inch diameter holes the fence posts were secured in concrete making sure the line was linear and evenly contoured to the average grade of the land. After giving the concrete ample time to set up we were back to install the fence sections and cleanup the site making sure to remove the excess dirt. As always we use only the highest quality material, with heavy duty rails, fence posts, and tongue and groove paneling and aluminum reinforced bottom rails.

The project came out great and our vinyl privacy fence will provide years of service and helped enhance the beautiful village of New Hartford, NY.