Wood Fence Replacement in Clinton

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Poly Enterprises was back to help our customer replace an existing wood fence in Clinton, NY. This wood fence was badly deteriorating and had become a liability and safety hazard. All homeowners have a liability to protect any person from harm or injury that enters their premises and a badly maintained wood fence in Clinton could cause future issues for the homeowner.
A wood fence makes a great addition to any home, they provide privacy, security, add value plus the rustic look has appeal, but only if it’s functioning properly. If your fence is rotting, warping or falling down, it should be repaired and may need replacement.
It can be an eyesore but mainly a broken wood fence can be a means of escape for a pet or child, can let in unwanted pests, and will no longer provide the privacy it may have been intended for.
If your wood fence is rotting or decaying, even a small amount of deterioration can lead to the collapse of a much larger portion, leaving your yard completely fenceless. Initial signs of stress on your wood fence include discoloration, splintering and warping. If you don’t seal your wood fence and end up replacing damaged panels, it won’t look exactly the same as the remaining original panels.
A run-down fence is a turn off and gives people a bad impression. If your wood fence is aging and will not be able to hold up much longer, it’s probably time for a new fence.
After assessing the site and determining what fence product would work best for the application and style of the house, we chose our premium 6 foot high vinyl privacy fence with a gray tongue and groove paneling to match the color of the siding on the house.
Furthermore, because there was an in-ground pool in the back yard, we made sure to follow pool codes with our new fence…something we preach in all our posts related to pool fencing. We carefully removed the existing wood fence, and installed our new vinyl fence complete with a custom gate with stainless steel hardware and latch.

Everything came out great, and the fence style nicely complemented the house, and will add value and serviceability to the property for many years to come.