Vinyl Fence with Picket Accent Whitesboro, NY

polyentdevVinyl Fencing

Poly Enterprises just finished installing a popular Fulton vinyl privacy fence with clay tongue and groove panels, and a concave picket accents. The homeowner wanted a fence that would wrap the large yard. This would give them plenty of space for family gathers, for children to play, or for the dog to run outside.
Careful planning is always crucial to any construction project. It becomes even more important when we work on installations that cover long spaces. Nothing is less appealing than a crooked fence. So, first we assessed the property lines and the grade of the property. This helps us get the pitch just right; a grade that blends seamlessly with the property.

We then set all of the posts in concrete. Our professional installation crew takes care to make sure all of our posts are square, and the panels are perfectly set. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and cleanliness, so you won’t see any vinyl shavings here!
We also added  custom vinyl gates to give easy access to the yard. Our gate assemblies are all built with stainless steel hardware, with a higher quality and lifespan than most store-bought gate fasteners. After wrapping up the gate, this project was finished.
The homeowners loved the finished project (and so did the dog)! They now have a quiet, secure place to enjoy the outdoors!