Poly Enterprises took a trip back to Trails Crossing in Whitesboro, NY to build a custom exterior deck. This original project was made for installing a popular Fulton vinyl privacy fence with clay tongue and groove panels, and a concave picket accents. The homeowner wanted a fence that would wrap the large yard. This would give them plenty of space for family gathers, for children to play, or for the dog to run outside.
Going with our popular composite decking and railing, we were able to give them a premium product which will last for many years to come. The deck was designed to provide optimum space while still maintaining functionality and sleek aesthetics.
We installed 12 inch diameter concrete footers down to 4 ft below grade, and went with 2 X 10 joist to provide a heavy duty frame. Using hidden fasteners, we installed a hardwood blend composite decking which came out great, looking much like tropical teak wood. We completed the base skirting of the deck with decking installed vertically, which came out great.
Our customer was very happy with the install, and as always the neighborhood was happy to have Poly Enterprises back in their Whitesboro community!

Poly Enterprises was back in Whitesboro, NY to install another of our popular Fulton vinyl privacy fences. Our customer wanted to add some detail and aesthetics to their fence, so we helped them decide on a convex accent.

A visually appealing fence can really increase the value of your property and choosing the Vinyl fence was a wise choice for this customer mainly due how easy it is to maintain the fence so it should not show the normal wear and tear that some other fences would. It isn’t always as simple as the fence will increasing value but more about how the fence is done that increases the value.

Fences that create privacy and even security that will keep children and pets safe, will always add value but it is always important to remember that your fence should keep with the architectural style of the home and even your neighborhood when it comes to increasing the value of your home.

After securing the sight, and taking the average grade of the property, we were able to pitch the vinyl fence at an even grade, matching it to the surrounding topography.


As our clientele in Whitesboro has come to expect, our customer was very happy with the install, and will enjoy years of service from their newly installed vinyl privacy fence.

Poly Enterprises was back in Sauquoit, NY to secure another newly installed in-ground pool. After consulting with our customer on the type and style of fence that would meet their needs, we settled on our vinyl Herkimer picket fence, with a concave accent.


The picket fence is a historically popular fence dating back to the colonial era. This type of fence gets the name from its resemblance to the pointed pickets used by infantry in pre-modern times to resist enemy attack. The fence has come a long way since that period but the design remains relatively the same.

The vinyl really helps with the durability especially during those Sauquoit winters. The picket fence is not really something designed for privacy but will help with pools, pets and boundary lines.

We provided a custom 6 ft wide double gate complete with stainless steel self closing hinges, and a magnetic latch to meet pool codes. We pitched the fence with the grade to provide a seamless fence install, and it came out beautifully, going well with the river rock and landscaping surrounding the pool.

Another happy and safe customer, with a fence that will last for years, and keep them safe and secure.

Poly Enterprises was back in New Hartford, NY to install our popular vinyl Fulton Privacy fence. Vinyl fences have many benefits and are very popular with our customers. They are the ideal choice for homeowners who do not have much time or interest in caring for their fence periodically.

Some other benefits to vinyl fencing include:

You will not have to use wood as a base

  • It will not absorb moisture, and therefore will not rot
  • You will not have to worry about termites

The benefits of a vinyl fence certainly outweigh its disadvantages by far, especially in an area like New Hartford. Since they are available in a variety of colors, it becomes easy to match the fence to the color of your home and to your surroundings. If it is hassle-free fencing you are looking for, then vinyl is certainly the right choice for you.

The fence will last for many years

  • The fence will hold up well in adverse weather conditions
  • Your fence will never need painting; will retain a stable color
  • The material is free of harmful chemicals

The cost of buying a vinyl fence is much cheaper than that of a wood or iron fence, if cost is something of concern. Since there is little to no maintenance required, you will also save the money with savings on the repainting costs as well as costs to be done to keep the fence safe.

We went with our Spindle top accented fence, which accented the house beautifully. We were able install the fence to match the grade, and installed a custom gate, complete with stainless steel hardware and latch.

The fence install turned out excellent, and our customer was very happy with out work and was very pleased with our low maintenance vinyl fence.

We were back in Marcy, NY to secure another  in-ground pool installed by Geraty Pools, from Herkimer, NY. We went with our premium commercial grade Regis aluminum fence, securing the perimeter of the pool which was surrounded with a stamped concrete deck. One of the attractive aspects for using this fencing is that it is virtually maintenance free and can be cleaned with water and soap.



This Marcy fence install features some nice touches including custom blended super durable polyester TGIC powder coating, a routed rail system and a wall mount system. All fences have welded U-frame gates, optional ring insert assembly, swivel mounts, and hidden screw wall mounts.

We also installed one of our aluminum welded gate, with an arched accent which tied the fence install together very nicely. Our customer was very happy with the product and fence install, and will enjoy many years of function and beauty from their pool fence.

We were back in Clinton, NY to install our popular Regis aluminum pool fence. Our customer had installed a in-ground pool and needed it secured. Although each municipality is different, New York has some fairly standard fencing laws.

Current Requirements for Swimming Pools

  • The fence must completely surround the swimming pool and must obstruct access to the swimming pool.
  • The fence must be at least 4 feet (48 inches) high.
  • The space between the bottom of the barrier and the ground cannot exceed 2 inches.

After looking at all the fencing options, our aluminum fencing with a powder coated finish, was once again the best for this Clinton project. Powder coating is a dry powder which is applied as free-flowing liquid to the surface. Powder coating doesn’t require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in liquid suspension form. It’s applied and cured under heat to form a hard finish that’s much stronger than paint. There is no visual difference plus the powder coating won’t drip or warp and is less likely to crack, peel, chip, and fade. As we’ve stated before, the beauty of this fencing is that it’s basically maintenance-free! For a person with a fence in the changing seasons of Clinton, this type of fencing just made the most sense for the long term look.

We were able to tie the fence into the newly placed out building, and also installed a self closing gate, complete with an arched accent. The customer was very pleased with the fence install and product, and can rest easy with a safe and beautified back yard.