In-ground Pool Fence in New Hartford

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Poly Enterprises was back in New Hartford, NY to help our customer secure a new in-ground pool fence for their recently installed personal lagoon of sorts.
When we do in-ground pool fences we usually use the Fulton Vinyl fence because of the privacy it provides. We decided to utilize our popular 6 foot high vinyl Fulton privacy fence around the perimeter of their property on this project, but also utilized our 4 foot high vinyl Columbia yard fence to divide the yard and to give their children a safe place to play in a separate location from the pool area.
In past articles we have discussed the importance of an in-ground pool fence, mainly because it is New York State law but also because it provides the owner piece of mind knowing everyone is safe and secure from the pool when it’s not being used. An in-ground pool fence is so important when you have children because we all know you can never be too careful when it comes to things like that.
We were able to customize the bottom of the in-ground pool fence to follow the grade of the lawn, while maintaining the height of the fence to give them maximum privacy.
The majority of backyards have varying grade issues that can affect fence installation. While the rises and drops across a yard’s elevation can not always be seen we can easily detect it with a level string line by running along the yard for fence grade comparisons. This helps determine a proper course of action for fence installation based on the severity of a yard’s varied grade.

We installed custom gates complete with stainless steel hinges and latches to provide maximum security and longevity. Our customers were very happy with the finished product and can rest assured that their pool is secured and safe, and will enjoy their low maintenance fence for years to come.